• Why this retreat? Why now?

    "By improving self-care, we improve all aspects of our lives.

    In showing up for ourselves more fully, what we came here to do reveals itself." - Julieanne Chazotte


    "When we step into self-care, we create a trickle down effect that affects not just ourselves.

    Our relationships, our work and way of being gets infused with creativity and inspiration." -Nipper Sorensen

    Common Challenges around Self-Care

    We are strong believers that self-care is one of the most important parts of a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life - and yet, as a society we are often so bad at it. We were not taught as kids in school to care for ourselves (certainly not on the mental and emotional levels) and often not taught at home either. If anything, we probably learned somewhere along the way that taking care of ourselves before others is considered selfish.


    However, the consequences of low self-care are deeper than “just” feeling tired. We most likely experience one or more of these: burnout, stress, anxiety, difficulty making decisions, difficulty making space/progress for our dreams and goals, resentment towards those we care about and feeling inadequate in some or all areas of our lives.


    But what if you could gain greater levels of mastery in your self-care practices? What if you could learn to use your own wisdom and guidance to provide for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? And not just for a week or a month, but each day. Knowing how to change your practice as your life changes is one of the best gifts you could give yourself!

    Who this Retreat is for

    This retreat is for people who have an awareness of self-care and yet want to and are committed to taking their awareness and practices to the next level.


    We have designed this retreat to be customized for each participant's challenges and journey. In it, you will have the space to relax, to understand your personal barriers around balanced self-care, to remove these barriers and to establish a personal self-care plan that is actually implementable.


    This isn’t a self-care basics retreat where we schedule a massage and hope to get another one in a month. This is about building a daily muscle of filling our own cup first, and using the overflow for our loved ones.

  • What to Expect

    "Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality" - Ron and Mary Hulnick


    Join 5 other Amazing Women on an incredible journey into sacred spaces within!

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    A Welcoming Home

    The retreat is designed in such a way that your outer experience will support you in cultivating a matching inner experience.


    The private residence where the retreat is being held is a beautiful sanctuary where we can learn, grow, and heal. You can expect to feel welcome and at home in this space.


    This high quality environment is important to us, because it will serve as we invite you to feel even more at home inside yourself.


    One question we ask you to consider now is, "What would it be like if you were more fully at home inside yourself and how would that quality of consciousness inform your life?"

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    Nurturing Meals with Breathtaking Views

    Experience nourishment through all of your senses! 


    Each meal, we will have the opportunity to receive nourishment not only through the food and drink that we take in, but also in the views we see and the company with which we dine.


    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Saturday, and Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Sunday. We will also provide light snacks throughout the retreat.


    *Our meals will be simple, healthy and beautiful. If you have dietary restrictions please let us know well in advance so we can nurture and fuel your needs.


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    A Sacred Sanctuary to Learn and Grow in

    Grow in Peace!


    Our stunning retreat location near Ojai is the perfect spot to take deep breaths, relax, and receive inspiration for a new way of living.



  • What will I take away from this retreat?

    The simple answer is - YourSelf!

    Greater Access to Self!

    When our self-care practices are out of balance or desperately need our attention, it can be challenging to show up for ourselves, others or life in general! By committing to self-care, you will be amazed at how rich your relationship with yourself becomes and how well other areas of your life flourish as a result.

    Skills, Tools and Processes to Support You in Moving Forward

    One of the greatest gains will come from having a more efficient way of noticing when your practices around self-care need your attention and what to do once you become aware. This blueprint for working with yourself is based on years of experience and creates an inner shortcut to the wisdom and guidance needed to maintain high quality self-care.

    A Customized Self-Care Plan

    The retreat will be highly personal - and we want you to create lasting change. At the end of the retreat we will support you in identifying your most beneficial steps in experiencing a deeper level of mastery in your self-care.

    Loving Community Support

    We will be hosting a private and closed Facebook group for 8 weeks after the retreat to support the group as we take everything we have learned and put it into practice in the real world. It will be a place where you can pose questions, ask for support and share wins. And kitten pictures if that rocks your boat :)

    Follow-up Coaching Session

    You will receive a 90 minute private coaching session after the retreat with either Julie or Nipper. We will cover what matters most to you in this session to support you in fully integrating your learnings from the retreat.

  • The Details

    For both during and after the retreat!


    The retreat will be held at a private residence located near the beautiful Ojai, CA and set in the hills of a town called Oak View.


    The tuition for this experience is $495. The tuition includes the retreat weekend as well as the 8 week group experience and one-on-one coaching session following the retreat.


    For those who do not live locally, we have secured accommodations at the local Holiday Inn Express for your convenience. You are also welcome to secure other accommodations should you want to for any reason.

    Retreat Schedule

    The retreat will be held on Memorial Day Weekend from Friday, May 27th to Sunday, May 29th. The schedule for the retreat is as follows (please note that ending times are approximate):


    Friday Night 5/27:

    6pm - Doors open and participants are welcomed!

    7pm to 10pm - The retreat is in session



    9am - Breakfast is served

    10am to 1pm - The retreat is in session

    1pm to 3pm - Lunch is served

    3pm to 9pm - The retreat is in session (a 60 minute break will be provided for group dinner)



    9am - Breakfast is served

    10am to 1pm - The retreat is in session

    1pm to 2:30pm - Lunch is served

    3pm to 7pm - The retreat is in session


    ***Our meals will be simple, healthy and beautiful. If you have dietary restrictions please let us know well in advance so we can nurture your fuel needs. Light snacks will also be provided.

    After the Retreat

    From our perspective, a retreat is a place you can come, relax and give yourself the time and space you need to get in touch with yourself at deeper levels than may be available in your every day life. We believe this is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves!


    What do we do however, once we leave a retreat, to carry forward the learnings into our lives? How do we maintain the inspiration, energy, learnings and momentum we gained while away?


    Given the importance of implementing what we learn, Nipper and Julie have designed an 8 week Facebook Group experience, following the retreat, to support you in implementing your learnings through weekly check-ins.


    Each participant will also have a private one-on-one coaching with either Julie or Nipper to support you in working with whatever comes forward as you step more fully forward into Self-care!

    Your Fellow Participants

    Given the sacred and intimate nature of this work, Nipper and Julie will be selecting 6 women to participate who have demonstrated a deep level of commitment to standing forward in greater levels of mastery around self-care. We have found that this level of commitment is necessary to help bring forward the best in each of us and to inspire us to make deep, lasting change in our lives.

  • About Nipper and julie!

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    Denmark and Jersey in the house!

    Nipper and Julie met while studying Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. It wasn't until the summer in between classes that they actually met however, when a friend connected them because they happened to be visiting Hawaii at the same time.


    "What are the chances?" they thought!


    While they enjoyed getting to know each other on that trip, Nipper and Julie got much closer when they chose to be in the same Sacred Healing Circle as a part of their third year studies in Consciousness, Health and Healing.


    Five years later, their team of 5 still meets once a month, supporting each other in their growth, upliftment and ways of being around self-care.


    From their studies and personal practices, Julie and Nipper have learned and refined how they show up for themselves through trial and error, and a strong commitment to learning, growing and healing.


    Based on the results they have seen in their own lives, they have decided to share what they have learned and continue to master for themselves with others.


    When asked what they learned about self-care from each other, Julie replied, "Nipper can make any situation lighter by bringing in her sense of humor. It helps me remember how important joy is for feeling good!"


    Nippers response was, "Julie is the master of managing her time and setting boundaries when receiving requests. She actually knows how to say "no". I remember the first time she told me "no", and how offensive that seemed to me! Now we laugh about it, knowing what a valuable moment that was for me."


    Together, they are a powerful facilitation team focused on supporting others as they find their way to the abundance self-care can bring.

  • schedule a conversation!

    We are very excited to lead this retreat, and feel honored to create a sacred space for those who will be joining us. With this in mind, we hold conversations with each prospective participant to ensure that this retreat is the best fit for you at this time.